Your Grace Finds Me

Your Grace Finds Me ~ Matt Redman

Your Grace Finds Me, Matt Redman. (Album cover)

I’ve found a new favorite song. I need to share it with you because I think it might possibly be your new favorite song waiting to happen. (Projecting? Maybe…) You won’t find this new release on YouTube, except for some covers. I won’t post the links to those. Take time to find Matt Redman’s performance of Your Grace Finds Me.

A sure-fire way for a song to grab my attention is to use imagery and deep, penetrating truth in the lyrics. Sure, the musicality plays in big, but great music lacking meaningful depth in the words is a pool too shallow to dive in (for me).

The song is fabulously woven with images: the newborn cry, the light of sunrise, the shadows of this life…the mountain top, the everyday and mundane, in sorrow and dance…creation to the cross, the cross to eternity…a wedding day, weeping by the graveside, the breath we breathe…the same for rich and poor, saved and sinner, enough for us all…in the darkest night of the soul, in sweet songs of victory…breathing in grace and breathing out praise forever!  (Your Grace Finds Me, M. Redman)

“Grace! Your great grace! Such grace! Your grace finds me.”

I love the image contrasts painted in these lyrics! Do you find them both sweet and stark, too? In the beauty of the most colorful and amazing moments. In the dark, black-white-gray days that crawl by. His grace is there. It’s present. Our perception doesn’t determine the truth of grace. (I need that reminder today more than ever.)

Grace! Sweet smelling, fragrant grace. Breathing it in…

Dear Abba, grant me the gift of eyes to see your grace. This is a gray day with no glorious, colorful rising or setting of the sun in my place in the world. The news isn’t reporting the way I’d want to hear it. People are hurting today within 50 feet of me, in 50 states, in 196 countries. God, let me recognize grace and praise you for it.

Where have you seen grace today? Wouldn’t it be sweet to create a list below of the ways we’ve seen grace, cherish the moments, and celebrate together? Somehow, I find it sweeter to know the list would be infinite (if we could see that much detail).



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