Random Thoughts

Grace: Selfless Strength

fool for weakness

I’m not sure where these powerful, thought-provoking words come from, but I can link to the place I found it HERE. I needed to remember grace is not weakness today. I can’t think of better words than “selfless strength” to describe it. Lord, let my heart become like this more and more!

May your weekend be restful, your Sabbath delightfully precious, and your heart and mind refreshed!


A Random Thought…

Paraphrasing a friend’s statement (best I can), I wonder what you think of this:

“Grace isn’t something you get your head around or understand; it’s something you feel and experience.”

I’ve chatted about this blog and the process of writing it a couple of times with a friend, and I find talking about it to be as challenging as wordsmithing a post. If you’ve been reading along, you know there are two things that define irony in this tiny weblog: I am olfactorily challenged and I find myself chasing grace. It’s as if the ever-elusive grace slips quickly through my fingers like sand before I can enjoy the grains’ warmth and grit.

I might add a third irony—perhaps an intuitive process of discovery falls flat in light of something completely counterintuitive.

Yeah, that’s how my brain is working on a quiet Saturday morning.

Please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think….