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My Word for 2014—and a little searching…

I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I project on others, too. So, without knowing many of you, I imagine each of you to be a little like me on a good day: thoughtful, intentionally thought-provoking, introspective, and generally “noodlers on various things.” Someday you’ll need to fill me in on who my audience really is! Promise me you’ll do that.  *grin*

Those who have been reading along for a while won’t be surprised when I say I’ve been thinking about this whole “word for the year” thing for a while. I think January’s feed was just chock-full of people declaring loudly and proudly that they had heard their word, or were sure of it, or figured they’d just tackle one. I really enjoyed reading all of those declarations, and I found myself wondering if this might be the “new resolution” for the fast-paced, resolution flunky of this generation. Maybe it is.

Or, maybe it’s more than that….

The story behind my word makes me chuckle a little bit. I have a lovely friend who has connected with me face-to-face, via Facebook, and in the blogosphere. You might like her musings, too, by the way. Check out Tracy’s place HERE. I enjoy what she shares.

Anyway, back to the main thing…

I was whining loudly about my 2014 Word woes, and my beautiful friend suggested perhaps my most frequently used word could be an indicator. For those who see my personal Facebook, that word just might be *Sigh* a noticeable percentage of the time. I’ve known this, and yet I’ve overlooked it—until my lovely friend pointed it out.

That started me thinking…

I ran the gamut as I prayed. Highly distractible person that I am, I began with breath, traipsed through breathe, investigated inhale and exhale…and came back to breathe. All my reading wasn’t for nothing, though. I loved what I found, and I wanted to share my journey with you.

So, breath was the first of my steps (since a good, old fashioned sigh is just a deep breath).

Then ADONAI, God, formed a person [Hebrew: adam] from the dust of the ground [Hebrew: adamah] and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, so that he became a living being. Genesis 2:7 CJB

Ah, I love that the first breath of life is from Abba, my God. Say what you want, CPR can only restart breath. We just don’t have creative power like in Genesis 2:7.  I’m reminded each of us is a unique, precious display of the amazing power of our Maker.

Then, there was breathe—

When they breathe their last, they return to dust; on that very day all their plans are gone. Psalm 146:4 CJB

This was an attention getter among the many references to breathe in the various translations. There is a time when each of us will breathe our last, and it’s an “Unfinished Symphony” for us all. I’m reminded I have no idea how many days I am given. Teach me to think seriously about my days, God (Job 14:5; Psalm 90:12).

The word inhale isn’t used in common translations, so I defaulted to gasp, and that got challenging fast. When I found this in The Message, I was reminded of something so important:

When I’m far from anywhere, down to my last gasp, I call out, “Guide me up High Rock Mountain!” Psalm 61:2

If you give a blogger a cup of coffee…

Then you end up here in Psalm 121:

1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

I’m willing to grant that this isn’t the most sound method of study for lots of reasons. Sometimes I think I’m led along in order to discover where I should end, and this was a discovery process for me. So, you’re wondering how I take this and wrap it up with a pretty little bow by now, I suspect?

I am not just any person. None of us is ordinary, really. I am given the gift of the breath of life on this planet for a span, one which I cannot even guess the length of. How precious is a day when it could be my last? Which words (more puffs of air) would I choose to speak in light of that perspective? Knowing I am a unique expression of my Maker’s creative power, will I treasure me, my days, and the people in my life? When I am in trouble (and my days are full of trouble!), how will I use my gasps? Will I cry out to the one who can really help me?

You see, my life is out of my control. Pretty much all of it. While I do my best to draw near to the One who can help me, things will continue to be a struggle at times. That’s a given. That’s life. That’s my life! Maybe it’s yours, too.

Yeah, I just need to slow down and breathe this year, I’m thinkin’—


Sharing is Caring:

If you had a word you felt led to focus on on 2014, what was it? I’m so curious!

If you’ve done this kind of thing before, what was your experience and benefit in focusing on a word for a year?

Scripture from http://www.biblestudytools.com.
I also visited my favorite study site, http://www.blueletterbible.org.
Random thoughts are mine; any good ones, if there are any, are probably a blessing from God.

Grace to Wait?

I’m finally back to write. It’s not that I haven’t tried; I did. I began the most emotionally moving post I’ve ever attempted, honestly. And I sort of fell apart. That can happen. It’s the fruit on the tree that has formed and plumped up, but it’s too green.

Green bananas have that “squeaky feel” on your teeth, you know? Green strawberries are hard and bitter. Green tomatoes can be different, if fried, I suppose. Perhaps a little batter, heat, and oil is what’s needed on my little draft that sits, lonely, in the darkness on the back side of Fragrant Grace where you can’t see. I’ll work on it.

In either case, the entry I’ve written or the one I’ve yet to write, neither was going to be easy. In the “dash between the dates” called life, there are those occasional memories and thoughts—moguls impersonating mountains. They aren’t that big, really, but somehow I’ve got a magnifying glass on them, or something. They just stop me for a while.

I’m not going to let them stop me for long. I’m not that kind of girl. I just need a little time to process.

And maybe that’s what blogging is about sometimes. It’s the pause, the wrestle, and then the flow.

I’m still here, and I hope you all are, too. I miss interacting with my friends here each time I walk away from the keyboard having hit the “Save Draft” or “Move to Trash” button. Thankfully, I’m confident these things in my heart will work their way around to grace and peace, ready to be shared.

There is grace to wait. I’m sure of it.

Have you ever been in this place of waiting? What was helpful to move beyond it  for you?

Be blessed, everyone!


Sharing is Caring

I have a lovely friend who reminds me of how precious sharing is. The last reminder involved delicious cheesecake I’d made…and a delivery to her sweet, comfortable home.  😉

That got me thinking so, here’s what I was hoping:

Have you written or read a lovely thing about grace? Why not point me (and the readers here) to that very thing? Will you share your thoughts via comment or a link in a comment below?


Would you like it shared here as a guest writer? We can certainly discuss that, if it fits with the heartbeat of Fragrant Grace.

What was your favorite read, blog or otherwise, on grace?

Sharing is caring! 😉

Thanks for sharing.