Video: Love Came Down (Brian Johnson)

LoveCameDownThis song is a favorite, and it made the set list this weekend. I heard Kari Jobe’s performance first, but Brian Johnson’s arrangement has become sweet, sweet worship for me. Johnson recorded a new radio version; I happen to love this softer, marinating experience. Have you ever wanted to just sit in a song for a few loops? This is one of those for me. I hope you like it, too.

Love Came Down – Brian Johnson

Love came down and rescued me.
Love came down and set me free.
I am yours. I’m forever yours…

The sweet fragrance of grace wafts all around these rich lyrics, doesn’t it? Here we are, just a short time before we remember the beautiful Friday that changed everything. Hopefully, we’ll begin to turn increasingly softer hearts toward the sacrifice on the cross more regularly. We remember you, we whisper. After all, Christmas wasn’t that long ago.

Born an infant just like all of us, you “kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52 NAS). Jesus, you were a man, but you were always more than a man. You were never just a man.

For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form. (Colossians 2:9)

May we never sink into confusion! You, Jesus, are God. And you love us (John 3:16). You love us that much!

Love came.

He had every holy right and the power to condemn. We are guilty under the law, and what we deserve is clear (Romans 6:23).

Love came—and hung on a tree.

And we heard about that kind of crazy love—love that sacrificed for others before they could know about it and before they would ever deserve it. “While we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). We remember, we whisper again.

Love came on a rescue mission.

He offered a rescue. Whatever this life offers, he offered something different, something much greater. Something holy. And amazing! A whole other unimaginable lifetime with the one who lived to love us is waiting. Doesn’t that make you think? Jesus’ whole life was love—the ultimate sacrifice—just so his infinitely difficult rebels could be saved from horrible end and restored to their intended relationship.

Thank you, Love, we remember!

Talk it over with him. What happens when you sit with how Jesus feels about you? It can be a powerful thing to think about. Love and grace—they’ll move you.


Prayer Response:

Jesus, you came to rescue me. When I realize you lived your love for li’l old me, I begin to “get it,” and I want to live love, too! I only live it when I start to grasp how much you loved me. In this quiet moment (and frequently in the days yet to be written), show me just how you feel about me—the strength and depth of the love you have for me. Thank you for loving me! I love you.

We Beautiful, Rowdy Prisoners (A Shared Video)

I realized how little explanation I offered when I first “pressed” this video to share with you. I know I could write so much about how this speaks to my own heart (even has portions of my own story threads woven in, from what I can tell). It may speak differently to yours. But, I encourage you to consider Glennon’s key point. Simply, grace is grace!  If there is anything I can get stuck on, hung up on, or choke on—it’s the simplicity of grace.

The “thinker” in me needs to back off some days…and I just need to dance because of grace, sweet, fragrant grace.

We Beautiful, Rowdy Prisoners.

You simply must see this! Beautiful, beautiful grace!


Video: Pray ~ Sanctus Real

I’ve heard this song at other times, but there has been no more powerful experience of it than this week. As you might imagine, it sweetly dovetails with my last post!  Love!

Some song writers have a magnificent way of speaking the things our hearts want to cry out, don’t they? This one has been a beautiful addition to my worship repertoire. I really liked this acoustic version by Sanctus Real.

“I pray. God, I need you more than words can say right here in this moment…
Even if it’s just to speak your name, I’m going to pray…”

Hope you enjoy!