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Notable Quote: On the Power of the Presence (Leanne Payne)

I’ve been on a personal growth journey for several weeks (more on that in a whole other post). As I’ve soaked in a fabulous recommended read, The Healing Presence by Leanne Payne, I continue to mine powerful golden nuggets to examine and ponder. I want to think about where I’ve got to in my life with God. Have I gone so far as Kierkegaard warned?

“We’ve forgotten how to exist, to be.” (The Healing Presence, p. 48)

Payne immediately suggests, “We can only think about being. In other words, we can think in terms of Christian dogma, but we cannot love and obey God.”

In the chapter titled “The Power of the Presence,” Payne writes,

Where the presence of the Lord is truly invoked, there is little difficulty in believing on Him or moving in the spiritual power and authority He brings.

To regain what we’ve forgotten or omitted requires not only illumination and complete change of mind-set, but a deep and profound repentance. If few understand His Presence with us, fewer still understand how it is we are to collaborate with God to do His bidding. We have to learn again the lessons of how the life of God is expressed, sacramentally, with and through us as individuals and as the corporate Body of Christ. Repentance for our failure to love God and to love one another comes first. (The Healing Presence, pp. 49-50)

This chapter speaks to me, but I’m sitting with this piece for now.

Perhaps, out of context, this is difficult to grasp—or maybe this can still speak as a stand alone thought. I hope you ponder it, too.



Questions to Think About…

What does it mean to invoke the power of the Presence of God?

How might the Early Church have experienced the Presence in contrast to modern expectation? Does the modern expectation of the power of the Presence reflect biblical wisdom, knowledge, or understanding?

What is my personal understanding and expectation of the Presence of God?

What does the Bible say about the power of the Presence of God?



* The Healing Presence. Leanne Payne. Hamewith Books: Grand Rapids. 2001.