The Round Table Discussion: Everyone’s Talking, Talking, Talking…

I give the reader warning. The topic of this post is directly linked to abortion. There are no graphic details. While I hope this will be read, I understand self-care may be needed. I always hope to present posts that are true, gentle, and respectful.

With love, 


You may have noticed I’ve been silent. If you have, I appreciate your brief pauses to notice and even wonder what’s up in my world. Thank you for your sweet, gracious heart toward me. I have been doing deeper soul searching for several months. I wasn’t ready to publish messy thoughts as I moved through what I believe will be precious spiritual growth in the rear view mirror.

I have been silent for many reasons, not the least of which is the culture’s unsettling debate surrounding the revelation of Planned Parenthood’s horrific practices. The dialogue is so big and loud, I am hard-pressed to find anyone who is not aware of the discussion that seems to dominate every form of media, even if we all try to observe from a “safe distance.”

20wk baby in uteroFrom a Distance
Many of us recoil at the horror revealed in articles and undercover videos. Some gawk. Some, like me, cannot bear to look. The testimony seems to condemn anyone connected with the largest provider of abortions in the United States or the world (and lately, for the world). The reality of Planned Parenthood’s shocking practices has been revealed. What once lurked in darkness has been brought into the light of day. Distancing ourselves from the discussion of this topic has become near impossible, short of intentional, denial-like coping mechanisms.

I’m not sure how a person can be so sheltered as to miss this news, but perhaps that’s a real possibility. If this is the case, then I wonder if we have opted out of good citizenship in this world. None of us can remain that disconnected with the culture. Each one of us has the responsibility to participate in this world as a genuine influence for good, do we not? We were made for something more than some measurable “carbon footprint” impact on this planet. We were made to be an influence for the God who created, loved, lived, and died for us. How we might do that in the world or our little circle of influence will be discussed later, I promise.

The Din of the Fray
No one could argue that our culture, nationally and right down to the social circles in which we move, has been supercharged with emotion over the release of videos from the Center for Medical Progress. Accompanying articles and past employee testimonies throw gasoline on the fire. Practically every blog in existence is generating posts on the latest information. There is little chance for this discussion to be anything but passionate under the circumstances. (I have mixed emotions about that myself; there are two sides to that passion “coin.”) The voices have come to the Round Table with arguments rooted in either emotion or logic—sometimes a bit of both—and the volume is increasing. At least, for now.

Opposing worldviews have boldly taken seats across the table from one another, and as I see it, a few perspectives are represented at various decibel levels in the fray. Almost everyone is talking, talking, talking with their own agenda in mind. While the dialogue has its place and possible benefit, it’s not pretty. By now, most of us know all the arguments and the rote talking points that will be leveraged.

(Can I just take a second and say, “Yuck!” )

Who’s Doing the Talking?
pro-life morguefileThere are the obvious camps who self-identify as Pro-something. We tend to chuck the arguments in two buckets: life or choice. Nothing new there. I’d like to think about that a bit more in a future post. Bear with me for now.

The two above groups are comprised of two, mirrored groups: those who have been directly and personally affected by the abortion industry and those who haven’t. Forgive my twist on typically economic terms, but there can only be the “Haves” and the “Have-nots.” Men and women either have or have not aborted a pregnancy. In this single, black-white difference we get a glimpse of the root of some of the passion.

Within the above group sets we find the Advocates on behalf of the characters involved. The “Haves” group is comprised of those who line up to support life or choice. The larger, “Have-nots” group also divides and supports either life or choice.

There is no neutral position, no matter what anyone might like to suggest. It is simply impossible. To attempt a “neutral” response to this particular topic ignores the significance of the discussion and the severity of the consequences. This group, in reality, pretends the silence is bringing peace to the chaos. I’ll only suggest this is a sick form of denial for now.PP_400x400

(See what I mean? There are so many voices at the Round Table entering the fray with an agenda. For that reason alone, I despise writing a single “one and done” response to this cultural dynamite when the short fuse is already lit.)

The Conversation
I wish I could say I love the conversation I’ve been hearing surrounding Planned Parenthood, but there is too much sorrow, distress, and frustration in my mind and heart as I listen to it all. I find too few speakers communicating in a winsome manner, drawing listeners and engaging the culture with an obvious, soft heart. I could be wrong about this, but I find myself wanting to have the conversation—with all the urgency the horrific consequences demand and fueled by the inflexible truth and boundless love of God.

(Can I emphasize how hard that last sentence is for me to write?)

And the “conversation” continues. Visceral, logical, emotional, or detached, it continues.

Why Me?
For those of you who have read my About Jennifer page, you know where to find me in the mix of groups above. I am a “Have” who daily grows in grace and healing from the wounds of a choice that had irreversible consequences for my baby. I now advocate “Life” because of the road I’ve walked post-abortion. I am very deeply and personally invested in this discussion. When I heard all the talking and talking points, I realized that, in all the noise, what wasn’t being heard may be more important that what was.

There is a voice—maybe small and quiet, with a trembling lip, fueled by a forever-changed heart—that must come to the Round Table.

I’m nothing all that incredible when it comes to this topic or even in writing about it. I can accept that there are better writers and more skilled, methodical advocates who craft flawless arguments. I am small (in so many ways), but please consider taking this journey with me. I’ll keep it readable, to the best of my ability. I’ll keep it real, too.

I’d sure love the company on this stretch of road, if you wouldn’t mind….

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll be back for the follow-up posts.


The above images have been obtained from three sources. They are not my images, and I claim no credit.

Unable to properly credit two of them, I request assistance in crediting original creators of the graphic images. I am more than willing to give credits where they are required.

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