Holy Week Reflections: Harmony in the Story

I’ve been thinking about this week with a bit of a different perspective this year. I often want to consider portions of the narrative of the events and sit with small, isolated moments. The hunger I’ve been feeling this time has been slightly different. I want to try to soak in the events from each of the gospel writers’ perspectives.

When the narratives in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are compared, we refer to that as the “harmony of the Gospels.” It simply means four authors are telling the story from their experience (or research, in the case of Luke), and we are getting the benefit of multiple tellings. What happens is so lovely, so encouraging to me. The storylines, while not identical, are perfectly suited to presenting an excellent case for the historical reality of the events.

The Pompidou, Paris, France

Many will viciously attack the differences, even advocate for scrapping the whole thing altogether because the four accounts aren’t identical. Maybe we should let them have their way. It’s the way they want it after all, isn’t it?

Or, maybe we could help them—

Maybe we can encourage them to scrutinize the Bible one more time, all four accounts on the table, and provide a resource tool to help them?

I’ve found a little tool that reminds me of some famous French architecture…



Maybe this will do:

A super resource from BibleGateway.com.

Be blessed as you move through this significant week of remembrance.

Remember the significant moments. Ponder the treasure in them.

Remember who He was…and is…and is to come.

Remember who you are. He came for you.

Remember to breathe slowly.



  1. God seems to have me in the same place as you. I feel God calling me to make this week special; to take extra time remember the story, remember Jesus and not just the crucifixion and resurrection, but the whole story. Shamefully, I have never before treated this week as a Holy Week, but I vow to change that this year. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jennifer, loved this post! It is important for us to be aware of what Christ went though this week and to thank and praise HIm for His sacrifice on our behalf.

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