Video: Pray ~ Sanctus Real

I’ve heard this song at other times, but there has been no more powerful experience of it than this week. As you might imagine, it sweetly dovetails with my last post!  Love!

Some song writers have a magnificent way of speaking the things our hearts want to cry out, don’t they? This one has been a beautiful addition to my worship repertoire. I really liked this acoustic version by Sanctus Real.

“I pray. God, I need you more than words can say right here in this moment…
Even if it’s just to speak your name, I’m going to pray…”

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I just downloaded that song on to my phone, but I love this acoustic version. It speaks right to my heart!! Harder week last week; John was in the hospital with surgery for 6 days for removal of 15 inches of small intestine, my Mom was so challenging to take care of, and then her brother, my Uncle Bill passed away Sunday morning. The tears flow easily right now…this song has truly brought me healing as I stop, listen, and then pray. Thanks, Jen for posting it~~

    1. Oh, sweet friend, I had no idea all the tough stuff you’d been wading through! I’m so sorry. You have my hugs and prayers! (My fervent ones!!) Love you, Kendra.

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