Playing Follow the Leader

Because we all need a reality check once in a while…

“Oh brother, we’ve been following a tumbleweed this whole time.”

Who are you trusting and following?

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NIV

I hope your Monday has been productive and grace-filled. Have a great week!


*Photo credit goes to the author/artist. It is unfortunate the information isn’t legible.


    1. Or…when we think too highly of others. I’m pretty sure I’ve traded the Good Shepherd for “a hired hand” now and again over 20 years. *sigh*

      Dear Jesus, let me hear your voice…and follow it well!

    1. Hi, Jacqueline. Thanks for stopping in. I really like how you put that. Tellers know real currency, not because they know all of the ways counterfeits are done, but because they know the real thing so well. Fakes are so obvious when you know the real thing. 🙂

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