A Random Thought…

Paraphrasing a friend’s statement (best I can), I wonder what you think of this:

“Grace isn’t something you get your head around or understand; it’s something you feel and experience.”

I’ve chatted about this blog and the process of writing it a couple of times with a friend, and I find talking about it to be as challenging as wordsmithing a post. If you’ve been reading along, you know there are two things that define irony in this tiny weblog: I am olfactorily challenged and I find myself chasing grace. It’s as if the ever-elusive grace slips quickly through my fingers like sand before I can enjoy the grains’ warmth and grit.

I might add a third irony—perhaps an intuitive process of discovery falls flat in light of something completely counterintuitive.

Yeah, that’s how my brain is working on a quiet Saturday morning.

Please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think….



  1. Grace is the experience of safe security I get every time I throw myself out there onto the mercy of God, with fear and trembling and a certain amount of defiant suspicion, and He catches me, holds me close and whispers in my ear “I will never let you go.”

    Among other things. Love you, Jen!

  2. ‘perhaps intuition falls flat.’ Sometimes for me, ‘knowing’ isn’t enough, even though I consider myself intuitive.after so long of trying to see His face clearly. What amazes me is HIS INTUITION, his knowledge of me beyond what I know myself…When I need to hear his voice, he is there, When I need the Word, he pours it on. When I need quiet, He provides space and time. When I need a fresh burst of hope, he demonstrates his artistry. When I need a shaping word; well, he does that too. One of the things that has really helped me, is whether I can ‘sniff it out’ or not; if he said it, I try to believe it, and He shows up as the great I AM. Praying He will reveal himself in ever-increasing ways. J2

    1. Where is the “love button” on these blogs? 😉 I love how you explored that and put it into words. I’m learning to lean more on His knowledge, wisdom, and intuition and less on mine. Proverbs 3:5-6 is all over that like white on rice, isn’t it. You bring in the thing that I know will be such fun to explore: He says it; trying to believe it; and Him revealing Himself through various ways.

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